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Collaboration Project

The Collaboration Project was a collaborative effort initiated by the Canadian Cancer Society, Northern Health (NH) and BC Cancer Agency (BCCA) to identify ways to work together on cancer prevention initiatives. Members from these three organizations recognized that by working together and harmonizing their cancer prevention efforts, they could achieve a greater impact.

The objective of this practical, evidence-based primer is to support multiple stakeholders in their work together to achieve mutual goals. Inter-agency collaboration has the potential for improved health dividends through aligning and augmenting shared resources. To date, however, there have been few guides available on HOW to collaborate. There is a need to better understand the application of real-life principles involved in collaborative processes. It is in response to this need that this primer has been developed. Informed by ongoing critical reflection, the team’s experiences were distilled into key learnings and are presented here in a format to support effective, collaborative partnerships. Every phase outlined in this work links to the key lessons from the project and includes ideas that will enable others to build strong, collaborative relationships.

PG Web Designs was contracted to design:

  • Logo and Branding
  • The Collaboration website
  • A printed manual detailing the concepts

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